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August 31, 2004

Remember. She agreed.

Sarah McLachlan meet everyone.

Everyone meet Sarah McLachlan.


Yes, I know. She's Canadian. That's not why she's here.

Fabulous Babe, like so many modern women, practically worships Sarah McLachlan. (Has all the CD's, saw here on the Lilith Fair tour, etc.) On Sunday we saw where she is going to be here in concert Saturday night. We talked about getting tickets and going but didn't really do anything more about it.

Sunday evening the Racetracks came over for dinner. Over dinner we discussed the concert and Mrs. Racetrack said that she would like to go as well. I commented that I was worried about the seats being sold out when Mr. Racetrack made a politically incorrect comment that caused snorting and laughing all around the table including some belly laughs from FB's parents:

"Sold out? It can't be! They're aren't that many lesbians and feminists in Minnesota!"

*rolls eyes* (Care to guess how hard Mrs. Racetrack thumped him?)

None the less I began my digging after dinner and found some tickets online. (Full story later.) I confirmed them Monday and all is set for FB and Mrs. Racetrack to have a great time Saturday night. They've had a hard year and the feminine bonding will serve them well. Our anniversary is Thursday and this is my gift to FB.

There is, however, a small catch: Fabulous Babe promised that the better the seats, the better the "good loving" I receive in the immediate future. The surprise factor is that FB is picking the seats up before the concert Saturday night and doesn't know where they are.


She agreed. Remember that. You're my witnesses.

Meanwhile can one of you do me a favor?


Can one of you let poor Sarah out of this box before Saturday night? Thanks.

Posted by Jim at August 31, 2004 10:50 PM