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August 31, 2004

A day with Jack...

So how does our day begin?


Here we see Lord Poopypants as I greet him at 6:00 in the morning. Notice the Nuk ejection system has sent his beloved Nuk hurtling across the crib. When he is this soundly asleep you have to act quickly to change the diaper. I can usually get him changed and back to bed before he really has a chance to wake up.


Jack can hold his head up on his own now so tonight I turned him around in the Baby Bjorn and took him for a walk. 40 minutes later the Lord & Master of our house was falling asleep. (Hooray!) I asked Fabulous Babe to take a picture and we managed to catch him in mid yawn.

He's not rabid by the way. Those are simply bubbles and not a full rabies induced foam.

If you are contemplating having a child or have one and are debating a Baby Bjorn I can't recommend it highly enough. You can throw your tot into it facing you or turn them around so they can see the world. It's well engineered and well made.

Besides being practical as all get out the Baby Bjorn also comes with a great catalog that is a riot to read. Swedish to English via a bad translator has never read so well or so amusingly.

The other cool part was when one of the neighborhood boys ran up and said "Can I touch him?" I leaned toward him while flailing Jack's arms and growling menacingly. That caused the neighbor kid to jump backwards in terror which then caused the other kids around him to laugh at him for being scared by a baby. *chuckles*

I am SO dressing Jack in a Godzilla suit for a certain holiday at the end of October.


Here's Mr. Snicklefritches getting the 8:30 bottle from Mom. He's grown so much the girlie men sleepers he was wearing have all been culled and we're into larger sleepwear now. (The boy is like a weed.)

It's really a Seattle themed picture. The Snoopy sleeper came from FB's old co-workers in Seattle and the t-shirt she is wearing is from Pike's Place Market. All we need is the Space Needle.

*sigh* Momentary nostalga for Seattle *sigh*

Sorry. Won't happen again.

Posted by Jim at August 31, 2004 10:32 PM