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July 27, 2004

Pimp my Desktop

So a little over two weeks ago our trusty desktop began giving us fits. It began with a cough, developed a sputter and then the entire C: drive pretty much decided to give up the ghost.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when this occurred for no shortage of reasons. Most of my “work in progress” was on this drive and while I backup pretty often this was still going to be a tremendous pain in my backside. The time required to try and sort this out was also lacking as Jack was born shortly before it happened.

After 2 weeks of work I managed to recover most everything from the C: drive. (I’m still working on a couple of things.) All of these events led to a discussion with Fabulous Babe about replacing our now almost 5 year old computer. (One big reason: it's not capable of working with the video from the camera.) Eventually the CP (Chief of Procurement) gave the ok so I grabbed Mr. Racetrack and we headed off for some parts.

Everything was pretty straightforward: New motherboard, new processor (Fairly fast), memory (a bushel), a new video card (adequate but not $500), etc. Seems normal right?

In buying a new case the employee at the store recommended a particular model due to it’s having the drive space and bays I needed with the bonus of the inclusive large power supply. What I didn’t quite realize is the depths that the computer building industry has been taken over by the same people that take old Honda Civics, lower them, add neon and then spend thousands of dollars tricking them out.

When we first applied power the case lit up like a gaudy neon Christmas Tree. The fans produce brilliant amber light, the front face has an ethereal blue glow, etc. All I need now are some Bass tapes, a few pop up flat panel screens coated in Bling Bling and then me and my homeys will be styling at the next LAN party in the hood. Now if I can only figure out where to tack the Dubs on it I’m all set to Represent for the PC Nation! Woot!

Fabulous Babe had the best comment when she saw it the first time: “What the hell is that?”


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