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July 27, 2004

"Be alert. The world needs more lerts."

Thatís a quote from a button I saw at Commander Salamander in Georgetown in 1985. (Donít ask me how I remember this stuff. I just do.) Not quite up there with the classics like ďWAR! Frankie says hide yourself!Ē or the endless Duran Duran buttons but most of 80ís button culture is better off forgotten.

Jack is starting to stay awake longer during the day. At the same time his eyes are growing stronger and he is constantly looking at everything he can. This can lead to disaster as he tries to turn his head only to discover that his weak and flimsy neck muscles are incapable of supporting these attempts. Good luck for Jack that his mother or father are always there to catch him.

Itís fun to have him on my lap and watch him stare at me with such intense scrutiny. I canít help but wonder what his thoughts are. So far the faces he sees the most are Fabulous Babe and I which I hope he is beginning to recognize. Weíll see. Usually he sticks his tongue out which we both mimic but itís not catching on with him yet.

I know that behind the eyes a mind is beginning to take shape. I just canít wait to interact with it.

Posted by Jim at July 27, 2004 11:17 PM