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June 21, 2004


We’re living the military axiom of hurry up and wait at this point. We have everything you need for a baby but still have no baby. With each day that passes Fabulous Babe is uncomfortable, tired and ready to be rid of the extra weight.

Junior continues to seek freedom from the confines of Fabulous Babe’s uterine Bastille. Hands and feet push outward to no avail. FB will lie in bed at night and we’ll watch as Junior squirms and wiggles and distorts her stomach in a bid for freedom.

FB is spending a lot of her spare time sleeping. This low key approach has made sure that most of our fun these days is pretty tame. Our big activity yesterday: She slaughtered me at Scrabble last night. Despite some recovery she still skunked me by 50+ points. We usually score pretty close to

FB finally conceded to my point and let me put her hospital bag in her car. We also bought her a set of men’s pajamas to wear about the hospital. I tried to talk her into a smoking jacket a la Hef but no luck.

When things start to happen I might actually ask a proxy to post a few things for me. (Anyone want to volunteer?) Currently we’ll know more after an appointment with Doctor Molotov later this week.

Odds are I’ll be sending some emails here and there when the baby starts to be born. If you want to have “notification” of sorts make sure I have your current email. (I won’t spam you or send 2.5 gig attachments.) This includes everyone so all you mystery lurkers can email me as well. Use the address to the left to make sure I have it. I’ll start forming the mail list tonight.

Posted by Jim at June 21, 2004 04:33 AM