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June 01, 2004

It was a dark and stormy weekend

Rain. Blah!

Once Friday evening rolled past the rain never stopped here in the land of lakes. I cut the yard Friday night and was glad I did. It’s already grown a couple of inches since.

Fabulous Babe is pretty miserable. She’s got 28 days to go and is more than ready to serve the eviction notice. Junior keeps throwing a house party in her stomach at night so sleep is a rare and precious thing.

Things are so bad that both Friday and Saturday night she abandoned our bed and sought solace in the spare bedroom. This left me with two cats that reveled in the now unoccupied space. Tosca was worried however and slept outside FB’s door.

We watched a lot of movies over the weekend. All of them were pretty fair entertainment for their category. (Big Fish, Mooseport, In America and Old School.) I lost track of how many war movies I caught glimpses of. Some are overplayed but there were a few gems that you don’t see all that often.

On Sunday FB went out with Mrs. Lost Control. She came back with two little outfits for Junior to wear home from the hospital. One is pink and one is blue so all the bases are covered. With 4 weeks to go she refuses to know what the baby is.

The bigger news from the weekend is that the Racetrack neighbors are in “Condition Imminent” at the moment. Mrs. Racetrack’s doctor told her that she is ready to pop at any moment so the two of them are a little tense. The bag is packed so beyond stocking towels in the car there really isn’t much more they can do.

28 days. 4 weeks. It seems like forever but will pass faster than either of us can imagine.

Posted by Jim at June 1, 2004 01:20 AM