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March 14, 2004


Our current guest quarters are Fabulous Babe's old bedroom furniture.

The bed is a full size and only sees occasional use from when family visits. Aida mostly uses it for clandestine naps on warm laundry waiting to be sorted and folded. Sunbeams make it a pretty sweet spot for Tosca as well.

The whole bedroom set is somewhere between 50-65 years old. It needs refinishing but neither of us have the time with Junior on the way. FB has said that we need to replace the whole shooting match by summer so odds are it will find its way to Goodwill sooner than later.

In anticipation of that I went and bought a new mattress and springs today. My mother in law will be glad to know I found what I thought was a reasonably comfortable mattress. I tried several out and it was the best of all worlds.

I also went hog wild and bought all the trimmings for the bed with no consultation from FB. (What was I thinking.) I bought the duvet, sheets, comforter, pillow cases, blanket, etc. in a glorious display of my fashion sense. I topped it off with 5 new pillows.

On the way home, moderately pleased with the results, I called to see how FB was feeling. (She's been cranky all day.)

'You bought what?"

When I got home I showed off the pillows first. When it got to the rest I slowly displayed my selection in the same order I had picked it. I demonstrated my contrasting colors, my ideas for how it would look and laid it all out bracing for the explosion.

Turns out she was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't screwed up as badly as she thought. *whew*

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