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March 14, 2004

Progress report

So far everything seems on track. We're 23-24 weeks along at this point and the little monster is kicking every once in a while. Mostly in the evenings.

Fabulous Babe gets pretty tired between work and Junior. Asking Mrs. Overachiever to take it easy would probably work better if I had one of those dart guns that will drop a full grown African Bull Elephant:

"Shouldn't you go to bed?"

"I'm not tired!"



She's also starting to show now which is causing a chuckle or two. Someone today just had to see which makes FB all oogy. The last thing ANYONE wants is to have you point at your stomach and demand to see it.

We're almost at 6 months now.

Posted by Jim at March 14, 2004 11:27 PM


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