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March 21, 2004

"Surprise!" Part Two.

Friday morning found me outnumbered 3 to 1. With those kinds of odds I fell back on the only solution possible: make breakfast.

Fabulous Babe was the last to tumble out of bed. By the time she wandered down my Canadian Sister and Mrs. Canadian Hotness had been munching on the blueberry muffins I made and were having their first cup of joe.

They had a pretty lazy morning while I ran around doing things that needed to be done. (I took the time to hang both the U.S. and Canadian flags out front since we had guests in residence.) While they sat around chatting I went hither and yon getting the last things I needed for the rest of the day.

By noon the ladies had decided to go shopping. A quick run to the local Target was just the precursor. They picked me back up and then we went to the Mall of America so our guests could shop the stores that they don't have in Canada.

For the next 4 hours we wandered the mall. I was a silent observer to one purchase after another from Bed, Bath & Beyond to Macy's to Victoria's Secret ("They have the BEST bras!") to all the rest. I offered to carry packages but was rebuffed with "Please. We're experienced shoppers." After an exhausting day we headed on to dinner.

I had put reservations in advance at the glorious La Grolla in St. Paul. (452 Selby Ave. 651-221-1061) The food was extraordinary and by the time dinner arrived we were ready to head home.

FB walked through the door first when we got home and got her second big surprise in as many days: a surprise party! (Again caught on video tape.) All the women in the neighborhood, her friends from work, etc. were lying in wait. (I had tipped them to the two minute warning with a discrete cell phone call.) As FB reeled from the shock the neighbors walked her through a forest of balloons, streamers, signs and food. (They spent 30 minutes looking for a crock-pot in our cabinets only to discover we are the only home in Minnesota without one.) FB was stunned.

I got to work as soon as I walked through the door. I handed out the gift bags I made the attendees. (Lots of trinkets, 2 CD's of music I had made for the occasion, chocolate and Magic 8 Balls.) Then I made sure that Wonder Woman's husband, hiding from the whole mess in our basement, had enough beer. I then had to run out to get more Light Beer for the womenfolk. By the time I got back FB was sitting on a chair opening gifts.

FB got a lot of girly items. (We're set for candles and bath oil for a while.) Roots apparel for FB and Junior, earrings, maternity tops, nifty lamps and other things that I can't remember.

At the end I gave her my present: a new Mini Ipod. It's pink and already loaded with some of her favorite music. I also had it inscribed: "Happy Birthday Fabulous Babe I love you!" (I had to tear into Apple on Monday. I ordered the darn thing almost 8 weeks ago. Shows what loyalty buying an II+ will get you.)

Then the cats gave her THEIR present.

It seems that Aida and Tosca decided to go hog wild this year. They got FB a bag with 4 shirts from "Life is Good" of a woman in a bubble bath with a smile on her face and a towell around her head. I then helped them announce that FB, my Canadian Sister, Mrs. Canadian Hotness and Mrs. Lost Control were going to be going to Spalon Montage Saturday for a full day at the spa. Cat's treat. (Again with help.)

By the reaction the cats did ok.

By parties end fun was had, some of my neighbors were suspiciously tipsy and Wonder Woman's husband had a case of beer and some souvenir glasses. (It was the least I could do.) FB and our guests headed to bed and I cleaned up a bit before hitting the sack.

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