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March 18, 2004

"Surprise!" Part One.

What do you get for the stressed out, pregnant, overworked woman you love?

Easy. Import Canadians!

For months now I've been working with Fabulous Babe's friends in Toronto to come in for a visit so that she could have a stress free weekend with just the girls. To that end I conspired with my Canadian Sister and Mrs. Canadian Hotness to come for a surprise visit.

At the same time I've been dropping hints to FB that "travel" was involved with "our" weekend. I've let her believe that involved someplace "warm" and went so far as to take her shopping for shorts and sunglasses. She took the bait and I ended up running out of line she went so far with it.

Last wednesday I said "you once mentioned this to me" and that eventually brought out a guess of "Savannah?" which prompted me to put on the greatest piece of acting in my career as I choked on the glass of water I was drinking, shot water through my nose and pretended to be in a sour mood for two days. (She then gloated to all who would listen that she had figured it out.) All was falling into place.

Yesterday I finished cleaning the house and got the bedding changed for our spare bed. I also inflated our queen sized air mattress. Despite all of this FB was completely oblivious and left for work today convinced we were heading "Due South" as it were.

I picked up the ladies at the airport this afternoon and as it turned out barely beat FB home. (I was told they knew as much about Minnesota as most Americans know about Canada.) We had just enough time to drop coats and shoes and then the garage door started to go up. They hid, I got out the borrowed video camera.

FB walked into the kitchen and as she started to look at me the fearsome Canadian duo sat up and said "Surprise!" She shrieked and then stammered and began crying as she realized who was sitting in front of her. The look of happiness on her tear streaked face was worth every penny.

I've sold off some of my electric trains to pay for this weekend. Watching the tape tonight as my wife cried and hugged two of her most dearest friends in the world for the first time in two years I didn't miss those trains one bit.

This is the start of a weekend with a LOT of surprises.

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