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March 25, 2004

Book Club

Fabulous Babe's book club was tonight. It was FB's turn to host which, with the house pretty straight from the cleaning last week, was not a problem.

When I got home tonight FB was in full party mode and the house was ready for all that womankind could throw at it. The wine was chilled, the grapes ready to eat and the crackers artfully laid out.

My role? Hide in the basement or office.

I staked my claim in the basement and rode out most of the evening fiddling with the train layout and clearing old shows off of the Tivo.

The only time I dared emerge from my Elba of choice I was greeted with a shocked, horrified and abrupt "There's a man here!" by one of the guests. I got my Coke and went back downstairs.

I'm still not sure what was the alarm at my presence. I know how these things work. Everyone tries to read the book but most don't get the time to finish it. There is usually a valiant attempt to discuss the book but that usually gives way to gossip and chatter. The wine dulls the edge of not actually completing the reading and everyone has a good time.

At heart I know that my wife is simply carrying on the same tradition that she learned from her mother: women must meet and talk about womanly things. (My father in law calls them coven meetings. A term I've grown to love dearly.) Whatever the name, home extension, book club, etc., doesn't matter. That women have a chance to get together and chat is the important part.

Fear not ladies. Men really don't have an interest in what you're talking about. We just want you to be happy because the odds are that if you aren't happy we aren't happy.

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