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February 01, 2004

"Another great Italian restaurant? Twist my arm."

Saturday started with the two of us going to get my car from the dealer. The problem was that the arctic like conditions locally had caused my power steering fluid to explode inside my engine compartment. (No I had never heard of it happening either.) Everything was under warranty but it was still a pain in the backside. They towed it in on Friday and was ready by Saturday morning. Fabulous Babe dropped me off then headed to the gym.

I went to a local model train show but didn't have the time to spend that I had planned. I bought a couple of small things but left early. (I didn't feel good.) I headed home to get some more errands out of the way, actually beating Fabulous Babe home.

FB showed up about 10 minutes after I got there. After lunch she settled into her couch/nest and passed out. I did some reading and took a nap as well.

We ate dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Minnesota. Mrs. Minnesota works with FB and she and her husband have a son who's 8 months old. We met them at their house and then went to dinner at another of what seems to be the endless great Italian restaurants in the Twin Cities. The food was great but the portions were a bit small. (I had to have two desserts. Had to I tell you.) We traded pregnancy stories and listened to stories of what awaited us.

After dinner we headed back to their house and played with their son. (He seemed to like being pushed across the countertop while I made engine revving noises.) As my dad's mom says "He's as cute as a bugs ear" and smiles with that wonderful cheer that only a toddler can manage. We realized it was both late and snowing so we headed home.

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