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January 13, 2004


We got back home tonight. Without the impetus we had Sunday things the pace of the trip home was much slower. The cats seem to have survived two days without any harm.

The mail awaiting us was filled with splendor, possibility and mirth: There was my latest copy of the Guilt-o-Gram, (It's the newsletter from the church I grew up in and always a good read,) 7 pre-approved credit card applications that were promptly shredded and disposed of, an assortment of magazines that I might have time to read in February. Four pieces stood out though.

The first was a pre-approved Amex application for the cat's dummy front company, Inter-Global Omni Corp. The company stems from their free subscriptions to some industry magazines that I receive. What began as an experiment on tracking name sales has now led to the periodic phone call and a fascinating selection of mail. (Aida is the Enterprise Architect / CEO and Tosca is the CFO / Graphical End User Manager.) The phone calls are always the best and consist of me playing receptionist for Aida and declining interviews, appointments and queries due to her schedule. While I appreciated Amex's willingness to grant them a substantial credit line I declined.

Next was a gift from my mother. It was a copy of "What to Expect when you want to loose complete control of your life." Mercifully its arrival resolved the issue of finding out her physical address. (It's a long story.) Greatly appreciated.

Our friends the Ex-Neighbors sent us an email with pictures of their son in a polar snow suit playing in Seattle's recent snowfall. The smile on his face was astounding.

The last item was a small box from Pearl of Love and Patience and my Spiritual Train brother. They sent us two receiving blankets that Fabulous Babe got misty over. One had little trains on it which is officially the first train related item in the queue for Junior. FB was thrilled.

Glad to be back.

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