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January 24, 2004

Busy Saturday.

The morning began with a phone call for PC support from Farmer Dad. He's feeling better. The vote is still out on his C: drive. I think that between his two son-in-laws he now has better PC support than Microsoft Premier Support Services offers. (If you get that joke you get a gold star.)

Fabulous Babe was moving pretty slow today. She overdid it this week and was feeling run down. A few 14 hour work days during a week don't mix well with a pregnancy. I keep telling her that but it never sticks between her ears.

As per the mandate handed down earlier this week by FB we went out to do our part for the American retail economy.

First up in the a.m. was a trip to the temple of sporting goods. It's one of those everything under one roof sort of stores. (Lacking only boats and RV's.) I was looking for a coat but didn't find one. Fabulous Babe wanted some boots and found a nice pair. We both scored on the long johns we need for tomorrow.

After lunch and some other errands we buckled down and made a run to the high holy temple of retailing: The "LARGEST MALL IN AMERICA". Why anyone would travel hundreds of miles to shop at the Mall of America is beyond me. It's just a mall with all the stores you know from the malls back where you live, it's just bigger. "Oooh! Two Victoria's Secrets!" Granted there isn't any tax on clothing but everything else in this state is taxed to bejeezus and back so it's all a wash in the long run.

We hit all three floors and stopped in anything that looked like a maternity store. In yet another example of how small the world is we ran into Doctor Molotov, her husband and three daughters. (They could be triplets instead of a single and twins.) After three+ hours FB came away with:

A new pair of maternity jeans. (FB was wearing a pair of mine to make do.) The all important elastic band makes the biggest difference.

Dress shirts a plenty.

A pair of new suits. (She's got a couple of big meetings at work in Feb.)

New undies. (censored)

FB summed the results up: "Well now I won't be going to work with my tummy hanging out."

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