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March 10, 2005

Back to school...

Fabulous Babe's starting to look into going for her MBA.

It's been a thought in the back of her mind for a while. There is an excellent program locally that looks to fit the bill. Fabulous Babe's current supervisor went through the program and is onboard with the idea.

Provided she's accepted it will entail a lot of work for the next 18 months. It's a program that would see her graduate in 2007. The program demands a commitment of time that will encompass weekends and about 20 hours a week outside of class.

The thought is that by completing this before Jack is old enough for school we'll have this out of the way. Jack would be 3ish if she were to get into the program this year. That way she wouldn't miss any of his getting involved with sports, school, etc.

In talking to some people today at work about this someone asked me if I was going to become a trophy husband. I assured them that this wasn't the case as I'm far to ugly. (Abominally so.) I'm just the trophy laundry guy.

It does mean that I'm going to be picking up a larger and larger share of the work around the house if this goes forward. I've always said I'm Fabulous Babe's support mechanism and this certainly looks like more evidence to that.

Ironically my own academic work is supposed to be launching soon. (I have unfinished business that I am working to put to rest.) Rest assured I won't let it interfere in my ramblings here gentle readers. You're still stuck with yours truly.

As Fabulous Babe headed to bed she muttered "I'm tired." I think that if she's accepted that that's going to be our motto for the house for the next couple of years.

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