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July 02, 2004

Working in PJ's...

Fabulous Babe is now officially working from home until the blessed event occurs. (The Janitors at her office finally hit the right bribe amount.) Her home office, a living room chair, has snacks and phones within easy arms reach and a 50 foot cable from the router in the basement to her office laptop for high speed access.

My honey boo was a little fuzzy at the edges trying to figure out how to embrace her new work environment. It's a pretty big change in pace and clothing for her to get to grips with. I found this out after while getting ready this morning.

"Are you taking a shower this morning?"

"Nope. Maybe I'll take one this afternoon. We'll see."

Well that was quick. I guess it's only fair that when you're 3 days overdue you get to work from home, shower when you want and wear your pj's around the house. I think it's a Union regulation.

Some co-workers of hers are still struggling with the notion of her being "unavailable" for a while. (She's the Queen of Feed at Monolithic Peoples Dairy Co-Operative.) She told me yesterday that someone was trying to schedule her on a conference call for next Friday. I told her that despite that being when we were going to induce the baby she should make an effort to attend while in labor.

"So what does the report say Fabulous Babe?"

"I've got that right here. Hold on a second. Arrrrrrrrgh! Uuuuuugh! YAAAAAAA!"


"Maybe we should reschedule this for another time."


Our neighbor June stopped by last night. The latest hot home accessory item in our neighborhood are in-ground pools which Gear Daddy and June are having installed this week along with another of our neighbors, Mr. Plow and Shutterbug. June was glad to have a few minutes away from the madness and hadn’t seen FB in a while.

June traded stories with FB about what her last few weeks were like for each of her three kids. She confessed that at least once she was contemplating breaking her own water out of frustration which was a sentiment that FB identified with immediately. I tried to tune out the technical discussion while assembling the ExerSaucer that my Canadian Sister sent us. (Thanks sis!)

June highly approved of FB’s selection of the “Super Duper UdderMaster 9000” with special “Dual Pumping Action!” (Again getting into more technical detail that I tried to shut out.) She had a very funny story of Gear Daddy being dispatched for a manual device late one night in a time of dire need only to have him come back with one from a hardware store. Visions of a Home Depot lactation consultant were quickly squashed.

After June left and FB headed to bed I was looking around our house at all the baby gear last night. This time next week we might be using some of it. We’ll see.

Posted by Jim at July 2, 2004 08:47 AM