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May 14, 2004

Weekend with the inlaws.

Fabulous Babe's parents are in town this weekend.

FB's mom wanted to help hang wallpaper in the Nursery this weekend. At the same time they brought us a rocking chair and matching footstool that Farmer Dad has broken in. (After bringing it in the cats laid claim to both immediately.)

Since it's a full blown Mother in Law warning, not a drill or test of the Mother in Law warning system, I'm pretty pleased. We get along pretty well and I've been known to make her laugh.

The other big news is that the weekend will see not one but two baby showers for my wife. (I think I mentioned we're registered at Target and Babies-R-Us.) One is a ladies only shower in the neighborhood and the other is a family event from her co-workers.

We've talked about renting a roto-tiller for FB's garden. It needs a good turning over. The racetrack neighbors are willing to split the cost but I still need to see the full schedule.

FB and her mother are cute to watch. Fabulous Mom keeps touching Fabulous Babe's stomach and you can see how excited she is. It's quite humbling.

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