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May 06, 2004

The Pink Purse of Doom

When My Canadian Sister and Mrs. Canadian Hotness were in town to surprise Fabulous Babe for her birthday I took them all to the Mall of America for an afternoon of shopping. In writing up everything I forgot to mention that FB bought something that day: The Pink Purse of Doom.

Fabulous Babe isn't a clothes horse. She doesn't buy on a whim too often. The Pink Purse of Doom was one of those rare buys.

Pink doesn't begin to describe the retina shocking color of this purse. This is a Pink that grabs a hold of your optic nerves, manipulates them like a loop of string into a Cats Cradle, and then bounces your hapless brain up and down in the air like a trampoline. It's as girly as a woman could ever hope to have.

I think it is perfect. A pregnant woman should have whatever objects she desires to maintain a connection to her feminine side. The Pink Purse of Doom goes with her clothes, is a good color for my super hotty redheaded wife and even matches her Mini Ipod.

Every woman who has seen it says they love it. They think it's cute and always compliment her. (Well one exception: FB's sister.)

Here's my point: If you have a woman in your life that is pregnant and feeling out of sorts who goes and buys a purse that is blaze orange, neon yellow or something equally colorful just relax. If you really want to help try to find matching socks.

Posted by Jim at May 6, 2004 01:16 AM


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