February 24, 2006

"And here you thought I sounded like Gomer Pyle".

So welcome to a new direction for the website. For your listening enjoyment I present:

The first podcast from The Special Project

This is mostly a chance to get my feet wet and to try to make sure I'm using all of the tools properly. Download it, give it a listen and marvel at details of Robert Louis Stevenson's life you never imagined. Music and other elements that will make things a bit warmer will be in the next one.

If you're interested in the technical details I recorded it at my desk using the Snowball microphone and Audacity software. The only background noise I spotted was the slight whir of the computer fans but hopefully it won't detract too much.

After you've had a chance to give it a listen let me know what you think. After I get the next one finished I'll have the RSS 2.0 feed up and submitted to iTunes.



A problem in uploading caused the file to go wonky towards the end. I am uploading a corrected version so if you were lucky enough to get the wonky version just try it again.

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March 23, 2006

"Ever wonder why you're out of school when there isn't any snow?"

I reveal all...

Snowday Podcast

You can now subscribe to all of the podcasts with this link:


Just cut and paste it into your favorite RSS reader or iTunes.

Speaking of which all of the podcasts will be available on iTunes in a day or so so do a search for "The Special Project" and you should find me.

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