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August 03, 2007

""At peace."

I stopped by my grandfather's grave this morning. It was peaceful and quiet and it was nice to see how the sun rises and will shine on his grave every day.

What I posted earlier is true: his sister in law will be parked one spot down and one to the left of him for all eternity. I told my grandmother today, when we were both laughing about their final resting places, we should see her buried with her favorite waterpot so she can still come over for tea.

My grandmother's name is on the marble, waiting for her time to come. It's a bit weird to see that and was more than a bit unsettling.

I took my grandmother to the lawyer yesterday. My aunt went along to make sure she's in the loop. The lawer is very nice and talked about probate vs. non-probate. Pretty typical stuff. We've already got clear cut "living will" papers and powers of attorney in case she's incapacitated so that's not a concern.

Lot of mortality talk today as we sat and chatted. Her own mother was 90 when she passed away so that's in the back of her mind. She misses my grandfather so dearly. They fussed and fought the way old people do but it was clear that the exercises of aggravation only came after their deep love for one another had given them so much. She's numb in so many ways but so sad in others.

That said anyone that thinks they can get anything over on her at this point in the game is fooling themselves. I pray I'm half as witty as she is when I reach her age.

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