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February 27, 2007

"The Poop Song."

Jack is deep in the throes of Potty training with some mild success. There's been some accidents along the way, notably both occuring with me.

"I pooped."

"Yes. Yes you did."

"I peed too."

"Yes. Yes you did."

*Dad chucks shoes in the wash along with everything else.*

Jack's wearing "big boy" underpants and that's fine as long as there's constant supervision. He's still afraid of bathrooms that aren't "his" though. Diapers still at night and in the accident recovery bag I have handy at all times. (Pants, diapers, extra shoes and socks.) He let go in the doctor's office today and it was like a damn had burst.

The other night he was sitting on the potty chair trying to poop and was getting frustrated. He likes for me to sit on the commode and hold out my fingers like some sort of motorcycle handlebars. He then grabs them and focuses as he attempts to pass something either a.) the size of a pea or b.) something resembling a softball. (There's no in between.) That's when he asked:

"Dad do you poop?"

Rather than brag of my ferocious accomplishments in the field of bathroom endeavors I simply played the card I've been preparing for some time: The Poop Song! After singing a few choruses he chimed right in:

Jack poops, mom poops, everybody poops!
Dad poops, the cats poop, everybody poops!
Grampa poops, grandma poops, everybody poops!
Pirates poop, astronauts poops, everybody poops!
Poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop!

It goes on but you get the idea. Everyone or thing that Jack asked about pooped and it helped get across that this is a perfectly normal part of growing up. By the end he was singing, I was singing and all was right with poop.

Hope this doesn't get me in too much trouble with the Grandparents.

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