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August 14, 2006

"The parts I miss are heavily overshadowed by the parts I do not."

The industry I used to work in was bizarre. It rarely paid well. For every person with genius and talent at a company you were obliged to work with people who were, um, odd in the extreme. I've recently received news about some of my friends at my old company but that's a completely different post.

Recently this link has been floating around over the last few days on an industry mailing list I am still a part of: I want to be Stephen Colbert's gaming friend.

It's garnered praise on the list from a few who think it's cool, clever, etc. Otherwise it's been greated with silence as people on the list, industry professionals, get ready for the consumer trade show, Gencon, that the website's creator, Peter Adkinson, now owns.

For some background I suggest reading the following links before you go much further. Be careful as the story, by my friend the Artist, contain some adult themes and language:

"Death to the Minotaur"

"Death to the Minotaur part 2"


The same person who wants to be Stephen's gaming friend is the same person in the articles.

I have no idea if this is ever going to catch Stephen Colbert's attention but if I was the Daily Show handlers I would read the story about "Truth or Swill" and tread lightly. There are other people in the industry that I would recommend instead: people like my friends Mr. Quads or The Artist or even people like Monte Cook or Chris Pramas of Green Ronin, who aren't my close friends but are certainly people whom I think a lot of.

The people who need to talk to Colbert are Wizards of the Coast. I would pay good money to see a week long expose behind what really goes into Dungeons and Dragons. The idea of Colbert roaming the halls in Renton for a week is a pretty good one.

Posted by Jim at August 14, 2006 01:24 PM


Cool! I got a nickname. :)

Posted by: Matt Forbeck at August 15, 2006 12:09 AM

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