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December 01, 2005


So we're on the brink of getting Jack to ramp down from his Nuk. The only time we give them to him is at night when he goes to bed and on the long and awful car rides we have made him suffer though. I'm a little more patient that Fabulous Babe on the matter but we're both wanting to make sure he's through with them soon.

Let me give you a tip for those of you who have a child of Nuk using age: replace the things every 2-4 months. They just get nasty after a while and no amount of boiling is going to keep them clean. I looked at Jack's the other night and recoiled in horror. I know I boiled them for 5-10 minutes but in no time the creeping crud was back.

On a similar note make sure you aren't using one size for all ages. They come in different sizes for different ages. Again a lesson that I wish I had known earlier.

The Nuks make the teeth cutting an easier time but I saw a 4 year old the other day with one and it wasn't pretty.

Posted by Jim at December 1, 2005 01:23 AM


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