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August 08, 2005

"Whatever happened to El Jefe?"

We heard from El Jefe, Jack's godfather, over the weekend. He called while I was out running errands and Fabulous Babe spoke with him for a while.

He's been flying everywhere for work. I found it's easier just to point out which continents he's visiting than to try and keep up with the countries.

None the less El Jefe's found the time to meet the locals, and try to become comfortable among them:


I don't know about you but I think he's struggling. He masks the pain well though.

He's also taken to accepting rides with strangers...


Which, like the first picture, doesn't look to be working out too badly for him.

Fortunately I know where he got it. My comprehensive network of spies and operatives have obtained documentation of El Jefe's training from the master:


"Repeat after me son: I was wondering if you and your friend would like to dance?"


p.s. Thanks to El Jefe for the pictures. Better still thanks to his parents for doing such a grand job of raising him as evidenced in the picture of El Jefe with his dad. Now we know where El Jefe learned how to speak in front of crowds.

I wonder if they still have the red jumper somewhere?

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