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August 04, 2005

Of Rhino's and little red x's.

More nightmares for Mr. Snicklebritches. He wakes up crying and snorting and I run in, scoop him up and hold him.

When I was little I swore there was a rhino in the closet. My grandparents thought I was nuts until they figured out that light peeking in cast a shadow with a hanger in the closet that, ta da, looked like a one horned rhino.

Jack's also got a bit of a cough that won't go away. Couple that with a couple of big diaper blowouts and I am crossing my fingers he isn't sick. The last thing I need is to have to leave work earlier than I'm already leaving. *sigh*

The joys of being a modern parent: Two incomes, two jobs, colliding schedules and an ever present hope that we're raising our child to have a life better than our own. Sound familiar?

It's worth nothing that Jack now does a bit of a wind up before giving a kiss to someone. It's quite a production number. If he keeps this up he'll be the only little boy in 3rd grade with a black book.

I'm hoping to avoid being a grandparent before I'm ready.

In browsing the pictures from the trip I found this one that I liked:


I like the colors, the sunlight and how it turned out. Fabulous Babe did her mountain goat impression and hopped around on the rocks before I captured this moment. She's a cutey.

The archive pictures are still a wreck. I've been pulling my hair out going back to fix them but I keep getting the code wrong. Some well meaning soul sent me a long email about how my past entries are marred with boxes with little red x's and that while the prose was fine the prose with illustrations would be much more marketable.


Jack's been up twice so far tonight. Here's hoping we're done.

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