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August 07, 2005

"Activate sloth mode."

Just what the doctor ordered: a weekend of nothing.

Fabulous Babe made it home on Friday afternoon. (The amount of teasing she took from her co-workers was voluminous.) A one way ticket on Thursday night would have been only $20 more than the hotel room, a fact they didn’t learn until checkout the next morning.

FB got to the house in time to pick Jack up and run him to the doctor’s office. (Doctor September since Doctor Molotov was off of work.) After early Friday morning I wasn’t going to take any chances and booked Jack a spot as soon as they started taking calls. Doctor September wrote him a prescription and told us to use the neb for a few days until it passes. Odds are he’s just having some problems from his cutting his teeth.

Friday night was a picnic with some of the other kids and families from Mrs. Dawn’s Daycare for the Small and Troublesome. We traded horror stories and watched the kids crawl around underfoot. Jack’s a little older than the other two younger boys so he’s a bit more mobile. After the previous night and a beer I was ready to call it a night.

We were all pretty worn out by the time it was time for bed. Fabulous Babe zonked out at 9:30, I was asleep by 10:00. Jack only woke up a couple of times on Friday night but mercifully Fabulous Babe handled things.

With Jack’s coughing we passed on swimming Saturday morning which was fine by him. (He took two power naps on Saturday.) I ran errands while Fabulous Babe did some puttering around the house and then began work on her statistics class.

Saturday night was dinner with the Racetracks at Las Margaritas. We sat outside and it was just perfect: not too windy and not too warm. Mr. Racetrack seemed distracted and a little bored while we were eating. I didn’t think too much of it until, towards the end, he spontaneously stood up with Kate’s diaper bag and announced that it was time to go. This brought curious looks from all of us until Mrs. Racetrack said he does it to her all the time. Fabulous Babe thought his hankering for Dairy Queen finally got the better of him where I believe we were so dull we bored him into action.

Saturday night was movie night, “Million Dollar Baby” at Fabulous Babe’s request, which was great until the end. (I’m still one for a happy ending.) When the movie was over and Fabulous Babe went to bed. I tried to stay up a smidgeon longer but no luck. I was fast on her heels and soon snoring.

We went to visit Wonder Woman and Rickmeister’s new house on Sunday. Wonder Woman was slinging mulch with her mom and Rickmeister was working on building their deck with help from his Father-in-law. We didn’t stay long but we were there long enough for Fabulous Babe to contract a big case of Kitchen envy. “A Viking range!”

At no point last week did I have a chance to work on cutting the grass so I made the decision to contract out the chore to the boys next door. They do a great job and are generally good sports. The one who cut the front yard cut the grass in what looks like a crop circle around one of our trees. Who says teenagers don’t have artistic talent?

We’re bracing for Fabulous Babe’s school calendar to kick in. Her statistics class is the first step as we slide into her intensive schedule. We’re about two weeks from the kick off and I can tell she’s both excited and a little apprehensive, as am I.

Jack ate like a horse on Sunday night. By our best guess he ate a complete slice of the roast Fabulous Babe made. He kept making the “more” sign and as we would lay it down he would wolf it down. I’m thinking he’s going to have a very poopy diaper at Mrs. Dawn’s tomorrow. Lol.

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