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July 24, 2005

"Wanna listen to an old man wheeze into a microphone?"

In an effort to keep up with sweeping trends on the internets The Special Project will soon have podcasts.

Podcasts, as if Blogs themselves weren’t already an exercise in vanity, are audio broadcasts you download and listen to in your free time. Odds are that if you can think of it, then someone, somewhere, is probably making a podcast devoted to it.

What to expect?

My intent it to read excerpts from books, mostly kids books. I’ll read either the first chapter or a short story if it is a collection of some kind. Books for kids Jack’s age are a bit short. While I can try to describe the subtle nuances of Cowboy Bunnies, I’m just not sure I can pull it off. I may venture off into the odd genre or two or read excerpts from some favorites of mine but those departures won’t be the staple.

I’ll provide information on the author, the book itself and anything interesting. I’ll always include a link to the book here on the website so that if you like what you hear you’ll be able to purchase a copy. Here’s hoping that what I choose leads you to discovering something that you never knew about or rekindles memories of old favorites.

Length is a consideration. I not going to try to read every word of something like Anna Karenna. Odds are the “episodes” will be 15-20 minutes. That’s my target time but these things are fluid. If this works out well I’ll submit the feed to Apple’s iTunes podcasting area.

I think the first “broadcast” will be a story from the Henry Reed collection I bought for Jack. Not sure which one yet but the donut maker story is a lead candidate. After that… If you have book or two that you want to hear feel free to make some suggestions.

I might need to draw on the Astronomer for the plug in for Movable Type but we'll see. (Wish him luck this week. He's interviewing for a job.)

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