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July 05, 2005

"Curse this glass wall! Mother, release me!"

After a certain hour 2/3rds of our family is in pj's. Fabulous Babe changes into her nitey night pj's after a long day at work and Jack gets the changeout when we lay him down.

Tonight Jack wasn't having anything to do with going to sleep. Despite making the hand sign, rubbing his eyes and knocking back half a bottle the little stinker fussed until we got him back downstairs.

One of the things that Fabulous Babe really missed last year was her garden. (The first half of summer it was physically impossible for her to work on it. The second half was a bit busy.) This year her garden is in full bloom and she's got a number of plants on the back deck that she has been tending and caring for. Tonight she went out to water them, shut the door and...


Our little prisoner crawled right over, stood up, put his face up to the glass and began pounding for Mommy. (Those are her bare feet.)

That's a good indication of how mobile Jack is at this point. He can crawl over to a flat surface and then walk his hands up it to the point he can then stand up. We've had to move some things to counter this newfound mobility but nothing to extreme.


That's Jack with Grillzilla behind him on the deck. When you think where we were a year ago it's pretty amazing.

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