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June 02, 2005

"When you can't hold your head up anymore we'll go home."

I headed home a bit early so I could arrive at Mrs. Dawn's Day Spa for the Small and Troublesome on time. I walked down with the stroller and found Mrs. Dawn out on a blanket with a couple of the kids but Jack was upstairs having a nap.

The last two nights Jack has thrown us for a loop by cutting back on his afternoon naps. This makes him cranky and tired which means that bedtime has been a bit troublesome. On the way home yesterday I formed a plan.

When Dawn brought him down I loaded him into the stroller and took him for a bit of a walk. Then I loaded him into the truck and took him with me for some errands.

First the bank to deposit my past few weeks of accumulated change into Jack's savings account. (He's now our local Wells Fargo's official mascot.) Then to Target where he shamelessly flirted with a little girl in another shopping cart. (No toys though. I was good.) After that we did a high speed pass through Wendy's and headed home.

Once we got home I fed Jack dinner and let him talk to Mommy for a bit. (Still in Colorado at the time.) After that I took him for a LONG walk. Crazy long. We stopped and talked with people. We did the usual loop and then some. He started out sitting in the front of the stroller and ended up leaning back against the seat rubbing his eyes.

After the walk was over I dragged him upstairs for a bath and then a bottle and bed. He was out in 5 minutes and snoring in 10.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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