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June 14, 2005

"We're going to fire your wife for a week."

Fabulous Babe has a two day business meeting in downtown Minneapolis this week. Logistically we didn't think it would present too much of a problem until the company invited all the attendees to have their spouses meet them for dinner.

Fortunately Miss Brittney, our superstar babysitter, is helping out at Mrs. Dawn's Day Spa for the Small and Troublesome. Arrangements were as easy as dropping off the stroller and a housekey and making sure there was a $20 bill for Brittney to order a pizza.

Dinner was good fun. It's always nice to meet Fabulous Babe's co-workers from the Monolithic Peoples Dairy Co-Operative. It was nice to hear I'm not the only one that has figured out she's a workaholic. Best laugh: her boss said, "I think we might fire her for a week so she can take some time off." I almost snorkeled my drink when he said that.

The rest of the evening was good fun. It turns out a couple of her co-workers and I have common interests. The Former Canadian and I share a love of convertibles and a loathing of Lucas Electrics. I'm also going to be sending a sampler package of beer to Mr. Smooth, a lover of fine beers.

Going home I ended up being chased by some ugly storms rolling into the area. (Lots of nifty lightning across the sky.) I got Miss Brittney into the car and home before the worst of it hit. When I got back Jack was already down and sawing lumber. Fabulous Babe?

In bed wearing her pj's checking the email she missed during the day.


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