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June 01, 2005

"Great job kid. Just wait 'till you get to grade school."

When I got home last night Fabulous Babe was in the process of putting Jack to bed. I arrived to be greeted by the sight of my son laughing his head off while laying naked on the changing table. When I picked him up he did something completely unexpected:

He leaned over and gave me a smooch on the cheek!

Granted it was pretty sloppy, he gets that from me, but it was a good attempt. I was so stunned I couldn't believe it. He laughed and looked pleased with himself while I yelled to Fabulous Babe about what had just happened. She explained that she thought he had been trying for a couple of days now.

How cool.

I emailed my friend Squirrel Bottom yesterday about the increased level of interaction that makes children such a reward. (Vincent is doing well.) This is just another solid example.

Somewhere my grandmother has my first grade report card that claims that "Jimmy needs to quit kissing girls" for some reason. I'll be interested to see what Jack's will bring.

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