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May 19, 2005

"Welcome to Chez Racetrack"

Had dinner with Mr. Racetrack and Kate tonight. Mrs. Racetrack is working late this week so instead of making Taco's for one he invited us over for Taco's for three.

Jack fussed a bit but that ended once we started sitting him on our laps. Kate crawled around our feet the whole time and every once in a while would stand up next to us to look around. The difference between the two of them is pretty funny. Kate has mobility where Jack has size and it's funny to see.

We took a present over for Kate a bit early for her birthday: A bumper jumper! Jack spends time in one at daycare and loves it so we thought, after watching Kate jump up and down in the Pack and Play on Sunday night, that one of these would be a good thing for Kate. (I had visions of Mr. Racetrack working in his office at home with Kate in the doorway.) We'll see how it goes over but I hope it's a hit.

Mr. Racetrack introduced us to something we didn't realize was going on. Jeopardy is having a huge tournament where people are competing to go head to head with Ken Jennings. Mr. Racetrack had taped the show earlier in the day and watching it we were dumbfounded at the sheer toughness and obscurity of the questions. We can only imagine what the final contest will be like.

The entire time I was watching the show all I could think of were the parody Jeopardy skits on Saturday Night Live. (The only funny thing on SNL in about 20 years.) I kept hoping the category of "Pen is Mightier" would pop up but no such luck.

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