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May 16, 2005

"No you can't give her roses for her first birthday."

We spent some quality time with the Racetracks over the weekend.

Saturday was dinner at Las Margaritas which just gets busier and busier everytime we are there. (I should have never plugged it.) The kids were as good as ever and Kate seemed to be recovering well from some wrong gender infliction incidents from earlier in the day. ("Oh what a cute boy!") We remain confident that some hair will fix that in a jiffy.

Sunday saw us receiving an invitation to Kate's first birthday which is quite exciting. (Jack is particularly excited but doesn't know what to get her.) On Sunday evening Mr. Racetrack ran to the DQ and we lounged around woofing down Sundaes as Jack and Kate played on the floor in their PJ's.

A year. Geez I feel old.

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