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May 09, 2005

"Load up the iPod, we'll have a barrel of fun..."

Fabulous Babe's iPod showed back up from Apple on Friday. We'll see how the repairs went. I spend some time Sunday night, between bathroom runs, loading it up with some of her favorite music.

We're not buying CD's very often anymore. The popular cultures fascination with Hip Hop, Rap, G-Unit, 50 Cent, etc. leaves us out and while there are no shortage of good cd's in the last few months I haven't heard many that are of the "rush right out to buy them" quality, with one noticable exception.

The new Garbage CD is out. It's called "Bleed like me" and it's simply awesome. 10 out of 10. It's a bit of a cross between their debut album and "2.0" but without some of the things on "Beautiful Garbage" that never quite grabbed me.

I bought "Bleed like me" a couple of weeks ago and whichever car I'm driving has the CD in it. The opening song is titled "Bad Boyfriend" and it's really a classic Garbage song: Shirley growls out the lyrics like some sort of gutteral, jungle raised, musical predator while Butch and the boys back her up with some thunderous guitar music. The whole album is as good as that first song and the $10 I spent at Target for it was a bargain. (Especially considering some of the craptacular releases it's competing with.) If you're wanting to be on the bleeding edge of hip go buy this now. You'll be way far ahead of the masses on the hipness curve. Miles ahead.

To make it easier and help Jack's college fund here's a link to Amazon:

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