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May 16, 2005

"I hear they're hiring in Mayberry."

Our local Chief of Police is in a bit of trouble.

A week or so ago the police department in a different municipality found his overturned car in an empty lot. (Laying in plain sight inside was his badge and gun.) Despite efforts to find him he remained "unavailable" for a number of hours after the accident to answer questions.

Care to guess how long he was unavailable?

If your answer was A.) long enough for blood tests determining if he was under the influence or not to have spotty results then you would have guessed correctly. His excuses of needing treatment, via his attorney, seem pretty thin. Then again I'm not one to cut slack when a law enforcement officer abandons the scene of his own accident while leaving his badge and sidearm. (Every cop I've ever known would chew their own arm off than abandon either.)

My local paper is loaded with DUI's every Wednesday in the police summary report. My gut says that DUI seems a larger problem here than it did where we lived in Seattle or where we've lived previously. The ages are widespread too: teens, young adults, older adults that should know better and adults that should have kids who prevent them from being that dumb. With the cloud hanging over this incident perhaps people will start putting two and two together.

Posted by Jim at May 16, 2005 09:54 PM


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