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May 04, 2005

"He's back!"

What a difference a couple of teaspoons of Amoxicylin makes.

The old Jack was back today. He's not 100% yet but the horrid misery of yesterday has passed us by: Jack took a couple of naps today, ate some food and even played a bit.

We went for a walk this afternoon and again this evening which always helps. Being trapped in the house is no fun for either of us and I'm a firm believer in fresh air. (I also haven't had the television on since Monday night.)

We saw Mrs. Dawn who was back from their funeral. She'll be open again tomorrow which means Jack's life will be one step closer to normal.

I'm on schedule for the cleaning and laundry I wanted to accomplish. Jack being sick killed a lot of my "stuff I can get down with Fabulous Babe out of the house" list but the washer and dryer are easy pleasy lemon squeezy. When my wife gets home tomorrow the hot bath will be ready, the glass of wine will be poured and the linens and bathrobe are actually clean. (She'll be out like a light within 10 minutes of getting out of the bath.)

I love her but every relationship has an Oscar and a Felix when it comes to laundry and she's definitely Oscar. I finally got to strip the bed and wash EVERYTHING which she complains about how long it takes. Tough nuggies.

So I'm completely off the chart on the "tired" scale. I laid on the couch for a few minutes and woke up to Jack crying over the monitor about an hour later. Yikes!

A nice compliment from Grace today made me blush. (I really need to find out where she lives so I can send her a card.) When I write about some of this stuff I know there are experienced parents who just go "What a dolt" but it's all still new to me.

Mercifully I don't tend to panic when things happen. (I never really have.) I usually try to "scientific method" my way through until I have the answers I need. I know that sounds detached but panic never does any good. It's why I hit on the car the other night: I had tried everything else.

I'm now laughing my @$$ off as my friend Lil has just pointed out that in the first picture from today Jack is flipping the bird. I guess that's what Mr. Ear infection gets: A big dose of Jackness!

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