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May 13, 2005

"By my figuring our next date will be around January of 2008."

So Fabulous Babe got a big fat envelope in the mail the other day. Deep inside was the good news we had been hoping for: her application to grad school has been accepted.

Fabulous Babe is now an official member of the Executive MBA program.(I know this to be true because we just sent out the first check.) From August to April for the next two years she will be taking classes all day Friday and all day Saturday every other week.

The commitment of support from the People?s Monolithic Dairy Concern is pretty significant. Without that support Fabulous Babe?s participation in the program wouldn?t happen. Several of her co-workers contributed some very nice letters of recommendation. Here are some quotes:

?Fabulous Babe has a good head on her shoulders. Please take the time to fill it with more smarty know whats that may be of benefit to our company. Thank you.?

?We have encouraged Fabulous Babe to attend this program due to her usually being the only person working on Friday in our office. (It is Minnesota don?t you know.) With this schedule we are anticipating a 50% reduction in our winter guilt load.?

?Does this mean she will finally take down that gigantic Illinois Indian head sticker on her window??

Other recommendations came from some other sources:

?Please accept Fabulous Babe into your program so that she can quit coming to the spinning class on Saturday mornings and making us look bad. How can we keep our makeup and hair in place if she keeps actually sweating and working out next to us??

They go on like that for a while. You get the idea.

As a result of the good news we?ve now refined the schedule for upcoming 4th and 1st quarters. Illness is allowed but only on the odd weeks and for a brief period between Christmas and New Years. Jack claims he?s onboard with it but we?ll see.

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