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April 26, 2005

"Let me tell you something. She looked HOT in it."

We were doing some cleaning around the house tonight and I finally broke down to tackle my t-shirt drawers. I'm finally comfortable admitting that I might need to weed out some of my older In-N-Out Burger t-shirts that are looking a little sad. (I'm also getting ready to place my annual birthday order so it works out.)

In the midst of digging around I came across a few that have sentimental value. There's a shirt from Ooba's that El Jefe brought us. Suffice to say that if you're ever in Seattle and don't eat at Ooba's you're missing one of the finest restaurants the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I found the t-shirts from when we saw Clapton in Seattle. ("Tickets are HOW much?") There were a few others that I tucked away and a few that I pitched.

At the very bottom was the black t-shirt I bought the first time I saw the Reverand Horton Heat in 1993ish. If you visit the website of the good Reverand it's the "Man's Ruin" one. (Mine's so old that the logo on the front is way out of date.) If you've not discovered the Texas guitar rock of the Reverand well just order his best of CD and your ears will thank you.

Anyway, the last time the shirt was worn was when Fabulous Babe put it on for the Reverand's appearance at Grand Old Days two years ago in St. Paul. The day we decided to have Jack.

I just folded it back up and stuck it in the drawer. Some things you should never part with.

(As soon as she reads this she'll just shake her head and say "He can never throw anything out.")

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