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April 25, 2005

"I got an order of teeth. Sign here."

Fabulous Babe and I were having playtime with Jack tonight after dinner. At one point he was on his back laughing while I was giving him raspberries on his stomach. With all the giggling we had a chance to check out the tooth situation.

Jack has about 6-8 teeth along the top that are ready to break through the gumline. My guess is we'll see fangs within a couple of weeks. The teething ring is now going to be his bestest bestest friend.

Jack's pretty easy to put to bed. When he rubs his eyes a couple of times we know to pack him upstairs, change into the rammy jammy ding dongs. (Fabulous Babe's nickname for pj's.) A bottle, 3-4 nuks sprinkled around the crib and the soggy froggy and it's off to sleepy sleep land.

Overnight Jack magically transforms into Sideways Bob who spins and rolls while sleeping until he finally gets tangled up in the cribs bars and can't move. Once he's managed to immobilize himself he begins sawing wood punctuated by the occasional snort and grunt.

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