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March 08, 2005

"Spastic Fits run in our family. Really."

With Fabulous Babe?s parents in town we had a big dinner on Sunday night and invited the Racetracks over. The kids were great and the company was excellent. Plenty of roast beast for everyone and a desert of angel food cake with fresh fruit. Yum.

After dinner we sat down in the living room and watched the kids cavort. Kate crawled circles around Jack and was going everywhere. Jack just sat and watched, biding his time.


This is how Jack normally looks. A little soggy with tossed hair that says: ?Hi. Do you come here often??

Sunday night he did something we had never seen before.


Jack got this look on his face and then began shaking his head from side to side as fast as he could while laughing like crazy. Then he would stop and?


Duck his head and grab his legs like he was going into liftoff mode. (Either that or filling his britches.) He would wait a moment and then start the whole cycle again.

All of us exploded in laughter which just encouraged him more and more. It went on for a half an hour. I got some of it on videotape and managed to get the above pictures between blurs. All agreed it was the strangest thing we had ever seen and I had to categorically deny teaching any of it to him. As it was he was so hyped up he didn?t get to sleep until almost 10:00. Theories abound but I think he gets it from his mom.

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