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February 13, 2005

Happy Birthday! (Your warranty has now expired.)

Saturday was Mr. Racetrack's 30th birthday.

Where Mrs. Racetrack had tried to have all of his friends fly in to surprise him. Alas, there was a lack of operational secrecy and he found out.

None the less he seemed to have an amazing weekend. They all arrived Friday and there was much drinking, poker playing and hijinks galore. The topper was a massive and rollicking dinner at Moscow on the Hill in St. Paul.

We gave Mr. Racetrack a gift card to a bookstore and a copy of one of my favorite books of all time: Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart. (Amazon link here.)

Saturday night was also a big test for Fabulous Babe. It was the first night we left Jack with a new sitter. (Kate as well.) Her name is Brittney and she's as sweet as can be. She came recommended by Mrs. Dawn, our daycare wrangler, who has three kids. Figuring anyone who had babysat three kids on multiple occasions would do ok we had few fears. She turned out to be just great and hopefully I tipped her enough to get her to come back.

Today was errand and shopping trips. I made my usual Sunday morning run to Target and then, after Jack's morning nap, we made our way to the Mall of America for a few things.

Fabulous Babe was looking for facial scrub and new shoes. (Scoring well on both counts.) I wanted to find a new belt but had no luck. I did break down and buy a new pair of sunglasses. My old pair of Oakleys, found on the bottom of the Pacific ocean off the coast of Maui on our honeymoon, just look beat to death. A trip to the Oakley store and 20 minutes of great customer service and nods of approval and disapproval from the wife and I'm all set.

Jack's awesome to take to someplace like the mall. He smiles, laughs and engages with people everywhere we go. Only after our late lunch did he start to tire and even then he didn't fuss or cry. It's pretty easy raising someone who just seems to be happy all the time.

It's snowing now. This after a couple of 50+ degree days here this past week. Bizarre.

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