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January 24, 2005

Train Redux

Ok. Here's the deal: This post is about trains. If you want to skip it that's fine by me. No harm, no foul. I'm not contemplating making this a full time model train blog so relax.

Here's what I'm working on right now:


That's a Lionel #10 engine from about 1925-1930. (Closer to 1925 based on a few things.) It was one of their best sellers for years. It's been stripped of the motor, brass fittings, and other things so that I could bead blast it clean.


That's the cab and frame after I bead blasted it to remove the paint and rust. Beneath the powder residue the metal is as clean as the day it was made. It's just wonderful.

I'm having a blast with this engine. It's not my usual O-Gauge, it's Standard Gauge which is a bit larger than O-gauge. My goal is to eventually have this be our "Christmas Train" under the tree every year. The idea of adding a car or engine every year after going to the effort of restoring it is very appealing.

I love the older trains like this and this is giving me a chance to do some hands on things that modern stuff doesn't really allow. It's the idea that this has been knocking around as long as my grandparents that makes it all the more fun.

I give good homes to old trains. If you know someone with trains that need to be loved, appreciated or taken care of have them get in touch with me. Most of my stuff is Lionel but everything that finds its way to my basement will be taken care of.

That's all. I'll post more updates as they are appropriate. (With proper warning for you train loathing types.)

Engineer Jim

Posted by Jim at January 24, 2005 11:27 PM


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