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December 09, 2004



I wanted to give you the rundown on some things and try to keep you up to date.

A.) Last night I made Jack laugh harder than he ever had before. It was wonderful to behold. Fabulous Babe came over to see what I was doing because Two Foot Small kept going for over 10 minutes. It's the first interaction with Jack in the last week that really lifted the cloud over my head. The more he carried on the better I felt. The power of children is a remarkable thing and should never be underestimated.

B.) Jack's favorite phrase right now is "Ma Ma" which Fabulous Babe swears he doesn't know what it means. I think this is a complete load of bull and remain certain she's training him behind my back

C.) We sold the Accord. We're now down to just 3 cars. It was hard to see the car go: I got my first kiss from my wife walking her to it. She on the other hand was simply glad to see the cashiers check. Can you see the differences between us?

D.) My health. The wisdom teeth came out fine but I've been experiencing a lot of pain with one of the sockets. My Hydrocodone has been helping but the Ibuprofen doesn't really seem to do very much for it. I've had a sore throat from the whole mess and at the same time been dealing with some other unpleasant personal issues. The result? I've been receiving comments at work along the lines of "You really look awful," or my personal favorite, "What happened to you?"

E.) Holiday plans still seem to be holding firm on a voortrek to Illinois and Kentucky. I'll update you as we get closer.

F.) I'm curently working with/bribing cyberguru Dan of the hosting service that this website resides with to upgrade the current version of Movabletype that I am using. The newer offers better control over the sort of ugly spam that I am receiving in comments. To be honest the almost daily deletion of 50+ comments involving enlargement, gambling or other things has been sapping most of my energy to work on the site. If an upgrade will help that problem with a plugin then I can get back to some quality writing.

G.) Fabulous Babe has begun talking about publishing this work of mine. I have mixed thoughts. I'm concerned there isn't enough demand. I'm also worried that at this point the material is a bit thin for a full volume. If anything I would hope this website would lead to my writing somehere else professionally on a regular basis. Being as there is no shortage of wordy parents on the internet the competition may be a bit stiffer than I would like.

In the end I ask you to bear with me. My schedule will be back up to speed soon enough and pictures of our greatest accomplishment will once again appear.


The wife of a good friend of mine suffered a pulmonary embolism the other day. He and their two young sons spent three hellish days trying to come to terms with what was happening. She's ok but for the next 6 months will be self injecting herself with blood thinner twice a day. It seems impossible to imagine what would have happened if things had gone differently but this Christmas I know that anything I would want pales in comparison to the hopes and prayers of a father and two small children from a few short days ago.



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