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December 17, 2004

Typical Morning

Let me share with you one of the great injustices I suffer.

Here's a picture of Jack the other day:


Notice the happy go lucky look on his face? More importantly notice that Jack is wearing an easy to get into, few snaps, footies included outfit. (Roots outfit courtesy of Mrs. Canadian Hotness.)

The problem? When Fabulous Babe dresses the boy those are the outfits she always grabs. This leaves me with multi-piece, snaps up the back, loops and hooks, Velcro nightmares that are a pain in the @$$.


This is how I usually start out with Jack in the morning. He?s happy, ready for a new diaper, and about to go through nine kinds of hell because yours truly has to try and squeeze him into some outfit that has 3 layers and requires me to bend him like a pretzel.


Here?s stage one complete. I had to wait for him to stop frowning to take the picture. Long sleeves at 5 months are like some sort of infant version of a Rubiks cube.


Jumping forward you now can witness Jack as he is ready to leave in the morning. No, he?s not gone through another growth spurt. His snow suit is just a bit to big for him. (Making him resemble a stranded starfish.) I prefer to call this ?Iron Maiden? as it does a great job of keeping him from moving around very much. (His containment is as much a matter of your safety as his.) It?s a riot to watch as his arms and feet flail when he moves around.


Finally we have Jack arriving in the hands of Mrs. Dawn?s Day Spa for the Small and Troublesome. To say this woman has patience is an understatement. I?ve never seen her flustered or raise her voice and we are lucky to have her for Jack?s daycare.

Notice of course that Jack is still bewildered by the outfit that I had to dress him in. Suspenders. Ugh.

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