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December 12, 2004

So we had a Christmas party...

Every year since we moved here we've had a Christmas party. Really it's an open house where we lay out the food and drink and just have friends and co-workers over.

I usually end up making sure the visiting munchkins don't kill themselves and Fabulous Babe falls into her natural role as hostess with the mostess. It's fun and provides plenty of stories for the cold winter months ahead. (The party also sends my wife into baking mode which is why I'm scarfing down sugar cookies at the rate of one a minute as I write this.)

We had a great turnout last night with no major mishaps. (The kids were a little hard on my model railroad but it goes with the territory.)

As I was a bit busy the photos are fewer than I would have liked but here goes:


That's Wonder Woman holding Jack. The great news is that my line last year about "Tag, you're it!" seemed to have worked. They're expecting in a few months and we couldn't be happier. I decided against showing the picture where Jack is staring at her chest with a hungry look in his eye.


Here's a picture you didn't see last year. Fabulous Babe holding a glass of Merlot. How can you tell she's a mom? Check out the pacifier on the arm of the sofa.


Mr. Racetrack put me up to this. No, we don't feed Jack Guiness. I was making Black and Tans last night and we had some empty cans. Considering how Jack likes to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes this might be an answer. Nah....


We have several neighbors with those light up Buck, Doe and fawn decorations. For years I've wanted to play a prank with one and in a moment of weakness I fell pray to the temptation. Alas the light up nativity in the background compelled me to simply take the picture and then return the buck to his less amorous state. (I even nailed the stakes back into the ground.) My apologies to all for a moment of weakness.

I suppose I am getting better though. Two years ago I switched this sign on as the party ended as a tribute to a running joke with our old neighbors in Seattle:


Perhaps I'm hopeless. It was funny however to see people turning around to wave goodbye from the driveway and collapse with laughter. Maybe it's that what I lack in Christmas light quantity I simply try to make up for in humor. No matter. I'm still living it down.


This is FB and Jack this morning none the worse for wear after the party.

Thanks to everyone that came. Look forward to next year when you can eat, drink and be merry at the sight of us trying to keep up with Jack walking.


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