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November 18, 2004

Mighty Morphing Super Baby

Poor Jack is frequently subjected to my lifting him over my head to a chorus of "Superbaby!" He seems ok with this as he more often than not smiles when he is soaring over head. The only problem: he's getting heavier and heavier.

It's daunting to see how quick Jack is growing. The baby seat is probably just under a month or so of being too small to use. Clothes that once seemed impossibly large are now getting tight on him. You hear parents talk about how fast their children grow but until you experience it yourself it's hard to have a frame of reference.

Jack's hair has been thinning out on the sides. He had a full head of hair at birth but the thick portion is now a mohawk like strip down the middle. (Fabulous Babe tells me she won't let me spike it up.) It's a bit of a race between mom and son actually as FB's hair production is falling to pre-pregnancy norms. (No bald spots so don't worry.)

Jack's going to be starting some cereal in the next week or so. The first attempt, this weekend, was a complete disaster. (A gnashing of gums with maybe a spoonful successfully emptied down the gullet.)

Jack's language skills are progressing. He's beginning to discover that he is capable of making more noises than just "oooh" and "aaaaa". Literally two days ago he began going "bbbbbbb" which fascinates him. We must have spent a half an hour last night carrying on an intensive "bbbbbbb" conversation.

Motor control is making gains as well. Yesterday he started making a "serious" face that our daycare provider swears looks like FB. I tend to agree as I've seen her making the same face while working on her laptop with papers spread around her on the bed. As I've said before it seems the only part of me this child seems to have inherited is a chromosome.

Many of you may remember that Jack's neighbor, Kate, is all but walking at this point. (The parallel bar work in the front yard strikes me as just rubbing it in.) She rolls, cavorts, and even does cartwheels. Meanwhile our poor son, burdened by his Jupiter-like mass, can only now manage to roll on to his side. I'm worried that they will no longer place Kate next to Jack for comparison for fear of Jack rolling and smothering Kate. Oh the burden we bear.

Obviously something is in the water. The reason? Wonder Woman is now pregnant. When I told her that "Tag, you're it!" I didn't realize that they had already been up to some production activity. We're trying to convince them to move into the house that is for sale in our neighborhood but no luck.

On Saturday I sat watching my father play with Jack and was struck by the moment. I told my father I had never been prouder of anything in my life than I am of Jack. The funny part is that the amount of work that goes into him is backloaded. The easy bits are now. The hardest is yet to come.

Posted by Jim at November 18, 2004 11:38 PM