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November 19, 2004

Making room for the Moose

Moose and Moosette are coming to visit this weekend. They fly in this evening and then out again Sunday. It's the Moosette's first trip on a plane and she's been counting down the days as only a 5 year old can.

Sadly Mrs. Moose and Moose Jr. are staying home. I believe she's using the weekend to plan an elaborate "Welcome home!" ceremony she's going to spring after the kids go to sleep: "Go start the laundry. I'm tired. Good night!"

Our agenda this weekend? Nothing particularly. I'm certain we'll play some Halo 2 and drink some beer. (Twist my arm! Twist my arm!) A trip to the wretched Mall of America might yield some Hello Kitty items for the Moosette. It will be fun to have a 5 year old running around the house.

After they visit I'll have him write up the visit.

Posted by Jim at November 19, 2004 12:03 AM