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November 16, 2004

Baptism weekend or "A lot of Fam Damily!"

After almost a week of preparation, for which I apologize to you regular readers, the weekend of Jack?s baptism managed to go off without a hitch. All family arrived safe and sound and managed to leave under similar circumstances.

Friday was spent running the last minute errands and taking care of the ?Honey Do? list that Fabulous Babe had made for me. Pies were ordered, clothes were dropped at the dry cleaners and litter boxes were sanitized for everyone?s protection. We had agreed to take Jack to daycare to make it easier to accomplish things but at one point we both found it a little odd not to have him around. Friday was the first time since July 7th we were on our own and it was more than a little weird.

Around 2:00 in the afternoon FB?s parents arrived with Grand Ma Ma in tow. Much to their consternation Jack was still at daycare and fast asleep. (We had previously agreed we wouldn?t bring him home if he was asleep.) Finally we got the call that Jack was up so I scooted down the street and retrieved him.

My Mom and Dad were next to arrive just as I was going to collect El Jefe from the hotel. A grim realization had set in before leaving that our puny 4 cup coffee maker wasn?t going to be able to keep up with the gathering crowd of coffee drinkers. After picking El Jefe up we swung by Target so I could buy a new coffee maker for the house. This was easily the smartest decision of the weekend as we went through about 12 pots in 3 days.

Friday night was mostly spent catching up and watching Jack pass from grandparent to grandparent. (With the occasional visit to Grand Ma Ma.) We did however open some gifts my Mom and Dad had sent which included the saucy number here:


Undoubtedly you?ve forgotten our child has pre-ordained disposition to becoming the greatest Himalayan climbing guide since Tenzing Norgay. (If you have to ask who that is then check out this website.)

Saturday saw the arrival of FB?s twin sister Mary Jane Watson with Peter Parker and the girls, Tall Princess and Number Two Billy Goat. Despite my inadequacy with a camera I still managed to capture Mary Jane demonstrating why she never lacks for teenage boys willing to do yard work at cut rates while whistling the tune to ?Stacy?s Mom?:


Over the weekend we discovered that Grand Ma Ma has an unusual quality: the ability to put small children to sleep. On Friday night she knocked Jack out like she had thrown a switch. By Saturday afternoon Jack was now wary of her hypnotic powers. I managed to snap a photo of that apprehension before he once again fell sway to her powers:


I was going to blame the turkey for the next photo but the truth is that Peter Parker drove across three states with his wife and small girls in the car for over 8 hours. All he needed was a hug from Grand Ma Ma and, well, the results are pretty clear:


Our early Thanksgiving dinner went off quite well. So well that none of my pictures turned out. (Except for the ones of my arm.) Pastor and his wife came to dinner and the Racetracks came by for some desert. (Mrs. Racetrack sent the photo last week and ended the pie embargo.)

Sunday was the main event. Here?s an action shot:


Notice my supportive hand on FB?s shoulder. (Running the website and knowing how to crop pictures means never having to have your photo appear.) That?s El Jefe to the left of Mary Jane Watson in their role as Godparents. Our fine Pastor was in great form on Sunday and did a great job. (Lutherans here sprinkle like Methodists so I wasn?t too out of my element.)

A quick note here: Picking Godparents is a tricky thing. It?s a role that carries a burden you hope will never have to be assumed. I kept asking myself how do you pick someone for that role? I have no shortage of great friends who I hope don?t feel slighted. Here?s what I wrote to El Jefe?s parents shortly after asking him to be Jack?s godfather:

?When the time came to start thinking about trying to choose someone to be the godfather a few weeks ago I sat down to sketch out some notes on who I was looking for. I wanted to ask someone who I thought would prove to be the best role model for our child on all the levels that are so important to the upbringing of a child. I wanted humor, wit, charity and caution, spirtuality and practicality, devotion to family and friends, honor and strength. I wanted to make sure that were something to happen to Fabulous Babe and I that our child would have someone they could turn to for guidance and council in times of doubt. A steadfast resource of honest advice and heartfelt concern tempered with understanding and wisdom. (Also someone that our child could drink beer and watch hockey with but I digress.)?

The knights of the round table were equal in all measure but someone still had to lead them. If I perish or am incapable of providing what Jack needs most I know in my heart of hearts that as my closest of friends, lieutenants, Consigliere, and spies will gather to carry that burden. I also know that I El Jefe will do an excellent job of guiding them collectively in helping Jack become all that he can be.

Meanwhile here?s Jack using his eyebeams to silence a surly Lutheran child in the back of the sanctuary who dared disturb his moment:


After church we gathered at the house for some refreshments. Fabulous Babe was in a hurry to catch her plane so she had to rush and change clothes and finish packing. I did manage to catch her with Jack before we changed his clothes:


That's right. She skipped town and left me alone with Jack until Wednesday night.

I also got El Jefe with Jack after his clothes change:


If you?re struggling I?ll help you out. Jack is wearing his stylish Toronto Maple Leafs outfit that was a gift from the King of the Zulaks. While we couldn?t squeeze him into the toque the rest fits like a charm. (At least for another week.)

Gotta run. Jack's crying.

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