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October 20, 2004

Laughing and smiling

Jack's discovered the motor control for sticking his tongue out now. Every once in a while he'll get a wild hair and begin wagging his tongue around like an outboard motor propeller. (A talent I keep telling him will make him ever so popular later on in his life. I usually get a scolding look from FB when I say it.) When we laugh at it he smiles and just does it all the more.

Jack's also reacting now to our copying his behavior. If you mimic his actions or sounds Jack smiles and makes even more effort. This can lead to extended "conversations" and some entertaining video camera footage. Fabulous Babe got her first dose of this the other night.

The drooling continues at a waterfall like pace. We still have no signs of a tooth actually emerging but, like everything else, I imagine we'll simply wake him one morning to find a full set of choppers.

The transformation from crying, pooping, sleeping larva to little person is a miracle to behold. FB told me last night that when she went to put his pacifier back in his mouth that he looked at her and just began smiling, giggling and wiggling with glee. I could tell that Jack's reaction really landed home by the tone of FB's voice.

The other night I was dressing Jack for bed and got this:


A peering curiosity. You can see him stare sometimes and try to figure things out. Fabulous Babe held him up to a mirror the other night and in trying to figure out his reflection he cocked one eyebrow just like yours truly. He's aware of the constants of his surroundings but now he's trying to dope out the specifics.

When Jack cries the moment of fear you experience is that it isn't one of the usual suspects: exhaustion, need for a diaper change, hunger. When I pick him up and carry him, hold him close and talk in his ear and he settles down I know a moment of peace like few others. His comfort and security in my arms will quiet him down and that feeling is like nothing else I have ever known. That base knowledge that he will always need me to be that rock of support and love is simply amazing.

Posted by Jim at October 20, 2004 11:12 PM