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October 14, 2004

Dating: The Intro.

Dating isnít a science. If it was I donít think I would want to know what they would hand out a PhD for. Itís not something that always goes the same way twice and certainly doesnít follow any logical conclusions.

Perhaps thatís a good thing. Sometimes the strangest things can occur for no reason what so ever with fantastic results. Other times the best laid plans end up making a disaster of Biblical proportions.

Iíve never found that dating someone for the sole purpose of not being alone has ever been successful: at heart itís dishonest and disrespectful. The same can be said for not asking out someone you really find interesting: if you donít ask how will you ever know if they were really as clever and witty as you thought they were?

Iím really one for common sense. (If you havenít figured that out by now consider yourself warned.) You should go out with the sort of people you find attractive and engaging. You should treat them with respect and courtesy and expect the same.

Iíve always believed that dating helps you figure out who you want so that when you find that person they seem to just fit. (Like a comfortable pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars that are all broken in.) When a date is a dud itís not really anyoneís fault. (Ok. Maybe Iím being nice.) Itís just a mismatch and that isnít much of a crime.

So what am I going to write about?

I suppose some of my suggestions will come out. Jackís going to need those later on. Painful experiences will probably also reveal themselves if I can keep them funny enough. (Feel free to prod me via email but let me be the one to post them here in context.) I suppose if he reads this at 10 heíll skip the mushy parts but hopefully when heís 16 heíll actually take notes on the more important things.

As always feedback appreciated.



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